Protect Your Grass And Plants Better With Tree Removal Service


Keeping your landscape healthy requires you to invest time and effort on a regular basis because you need to do maintenance, cleanup, watering, and inspections. Even if you put a lot of effort into caring for your grass and plants throughout the landscape, you may struggle to keep everything healthy because of a problematic tree. Using tree removal services is worth considering since it will help you do a better job of protecting at-risk plants.

6 April 2021

Pruning and Caring for Your Treehouse Trees


Like any other tree in your landscape, a tree with a treehouse in it needs to be properly pruned and cared for. But unlike the other trees, your treehouse tree has additional demands on its structure. In addition, this tree is a bigger investment now that you've put all that work and expense into constructing a treehouse. Here are some tips on keeping your treehouse trees well-pruned and cared for.

11 November 2020

Ten Signs That You Need To Remove Your Tree


Knowing the signs of fatal tree distress is necessary. Learn the symptoms that indicate that you may need to have your tree removed. 1. Crumbling Bark Crumbling bark is a sign that the tree is rotting from the outside in. Since most of the tree's vascular system is just beneath the bark layer, the loss of the bark often means the beginning of the end for your tree. Keep in mind, though, that some trees like the paper birch naturally shed outer bark layers, so consult with a tree service before making a final decision.

10 June 2020

What to Do with a Tree That Has Been Topped by the City


Sometimes trees interfere with important objects. Most commonly, tree branches will grow around or entangle themselves with power lines and communication lines. When that happens, the city orders that the tree be "topped," or have its top branches chopped off and removed to stop the tree from growing any further around these lines. The owners of the tree are forewarned, but it does not make the aftermath look any better. The tree itself, as long as it still has branches and leaves, will continue to grow, but it looks unsightly and weird.

27 November 2019

4 Tree Removal Facts You Need To Know


If you have a tree on your property that you want removed, you will probably want to call a professional to take care of it. Removing a tree yourself can be dangerous and time-consuming. The proper tools are required to get rid of trees safely and efficiently. Here are four facts you should know about tree removal. Timely tree removal can save you from legal action. If a tree on your property damages your neighbor's property, you may be liable for the cost of repairs.

4 October 2019

Ways Tree Trimmings Can Benefit Your Property


Tree care is an aspect of property ownership that often requires more forethought and active attention than homeowners. Trimming the trees is a type of care that will often be overlooked or undervalued by homeowners. Prevent Disease From Spreading The trees that are growing on your property are extremely durable, and they will typically go for years without experiencing significant health problems. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these plants to encounter health issues that could spread if they are left unaddressed.

29 July 2019

5 Instances In Which You Should Not Trim A Tree Yourself


If your tree has a single broken branch or a branch that is growing into the side of your home, you can typically trim that tree yourself, provided you have sharp shears on hand. However, there are many cases in which you should not trim a tree yourself but instead hire professionals. Here are five of those circumstances. 1. The tree needs a lot of reshaping. A tree that has one or two longer or misplaced branches is one thing; you can probably attempt a DIY trim.

7 June 2019